I am fortunate enough to have been under Ms. Yeterian’s tutelage for almost a decade now. even now that i have moved to college, her teaching has stayed with me, and it is to her that I attribute my artistic successes. Her art classes have not only given me a solid foundation that i have brought me to excel wherever I go, whether it be art classes in middle and high school, a precollege summer program at a respected art school, or courses I’m now taking at the university, and I have also nurtured my creativity. She helped me put together my portfolio for admission to both high school and college. Under her guidance, I have developed my skills into something that brought me much farther than what just raw talent could have.

Ms. Yeterian has an ability to cultivate young people’s love of art into formidable talent. She manages to affectively teach to an incredible range of ages, from five-years-old to adults, and still gives each student personalized attention. Her own passion for the craft comes through in her teaching, and her personal work as an artist is also  inspirational to her students. You can tell that she really cares about her craft, and she goes out of her way to make each student succeed.

I owe everything to Ms. Yeterian. there is not enough I could say to praise and thank her. She is an amazing artist, teacher, and person.

– Teresa


Art By Teresa at Age of 18

Art By Teresa at Age of 18



I have learned so much at Ms. Yeterian’s art class. My art skills have greatly improved and my knowledge of the various mediums and styles in art has increased. I am glad to have the opportunity to go to this art studio and learn from Ms. Yeterian. With the friendly environment, great teacher, and diversity of areas of art, Barbara Yeterian Art Studio is by far the best art class I have ever been to.

– Melissa

Art By Melissa at 14 Years Old

Art By Melissa at 14 Years Old



My art teacher, Ms. Yeterian has been my idol in the art world. Ms. Yeterian has dedicated her life to art and teaching art. She has not only taught me be a better artist — but has always shown me a path to become a better human being. I joined her art class a few years ago hoping to further my talent in art. Apart from a range of artistic skills I’ve learned from her classes, I’ve also learned to become more patient through her when dealing with art. Working with her, I’ve seen several different insights on art — she’s greatly influenced my style of painting and drawing. Through the course of my time with her, she’s greatly helped develop my craftsmanship and creativity . Ms. Yeterian has shown me how to express my ideas, my feelings through an unpretentious stroke of brush. Apart  from teaching me values in art, she’s been as close to me as any parent could be. She has always been more than a  teacher. Her concerns for each of her students not just as a teacher but as a close friend — often advising her students to do what’s best. If I hadn’t met my teacher a few years ago the art aspect of my life wouldn’t have been complete.

– Shubhank


Shubhank at age of 17

Shubhank at age of 17



Art requires more than paints on a blank canvas; art craves patience, persistence and imagination. It’s not just about technique; it’s pure passion. Art doesn’t always have to be those straight exact lines, some times that tiny smudge is a factor that beautifies the entire piece. The four years that I spent under Ms. Barbara Yeterian ‘s wing, I have been plunged into the intricate world of creativity, and all the knowledge that I have gained from her has really shown me what art is really about. Ms. Yeterian has shown me all the wonders and pleasure of creating something with my own hands. She has shown me how it really feels to have done something beautiful. With her teaching, I have also learned all the hardships that come along with the creation of a piece. Unlike the rest of the teachers, she doesn’t restrain your imagination. Ms. Yeterian pushes you into a new challenge everyday to allow your creativity level to raise. she will never stop you from venturing out onto a place that you chose as long as it pushes you to grow artistically. Being Ms. Yeterian’s student just makes me the best artist that I can strive to be and. truly, I am thankful for her.

– Elma


Art By Elma at 11 at 11 Years Old

Art By Elma at 11 Years Old



I have been attending weekly art lessons with Ms. Yeterian since the age of eight, and I am now seventeen. Nothing has influenced me more in life than these lessons, because I would not be pursuing a career in art if it were not for Ms. Yeterian’s expertise and encouragement. When I first started the lessons, I knew nothing about art, and, to be frank, seemed to have no talent at all. Gradually, over the years, I became a dedicated art student, both in school and with her, and I realized that art is something I want to incorporate into the rest of my life. I am now going on to study art education or studio art, and plan to attending graduate school. Eventually, I will pursue a career as an art teacher or art therapist. I want to bring to people the same thing Ms. Yeterian’s art lessons have brought to me — a way to express themselves trough creativity and benefit from the therapeutic aspects of art.

– Shannon


Shannon at age of 17

Shannon at age of 17


Joan (Mother)

Dear Barbara,

As always, we all are very appreciative of your sharing your talent and kindness with Shannon and all who know you.

You are a wonderful person, and we are blessed to know you.

You have nurtured Shannon’s interest in art and are the reason she is talented and will work in the fine art field. Thank you so very much.


Amelia (Mother)

My daughter really enjoys taking classes with Barbara and she has learned so much from her. besides being a talented artist herself, Barbara is a talented teacher. She has the patience and experience to work with a wide range of students, young and adult, novice and trained. She accommodates the needs and the desires of each and every single student; develops the students’ artistic expression; and helps them fulfill their potential.

My daughter has been taking classes with Barbara since she was six, and she is now fourteen. I saw how my daughter blossomed from a budding artist to one whom now can skillfully express herself artistically. One thing that really strikes me is how Barbara conducts her class. Each student decides on his/her own project and she works with each student individually. As a result, each student works at his/her own interest but at the same time, students are exposed to a wide spectrum of representation, examples and techniques. I saw my daughter constantly being challenged and encouraged to try new things and concepts because of the exposure and experience she encounters with her students.

Barbara puts her heart and soul in teaching her students. When you step into her studio and see how the students’ works and the work each and every single student produces, you would agree with that.

– Amelia Mother



Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of art, encouraging our daughter to try a wide variety of mediums, and helping her to further develop her artistic skills and talent.

– Parent


Ms. Yeterian, your outstanding instruction and advice have helped me to keep developing as an artist. I have enjoyed every minute of it!

– Lauren’, Daughter


Art By Lauren at 12 Years Old

Art By Lauren at 12 Years Old



Dear Ms. Y. Thank you so much for always supporting me on my art as well as teaching me! You’ve been so nice and kind to me always doing the best for me! I can never repay you!

Thank you.

Maureen (Mother)

Dear Barbara.

Thanks so much for all the time and effort you gave to Brian during the last six months he loved going to your class avery Tuesday.

With your help I can see haw he has learned new techniques and more creativity it has been a pleasure to have known you and I hope in our new home in New Mexico, Brian will meet a new art teacher as nice as you.

Thank You.


Jeanne (Adult)

Ms. Yeterian is a wonderful experienced teacher who has taught me many things about painting acrylics. One of them patience with blending colors. She knows many techniques and is a valuable asset to the community.


Art By Jeanne

Art By Jeanne



At the age of 9, I began taken art lessons from the superb art teacher, Barbara Yeterian. I cannot speak highly enough about the experience I’ve have there she has given me the grand opportunity to expose myself to the wonders of painting, drawing designing and more. Not only did she introduce me to and help me college my skills, but she also inspire me to love art and to see it as apart of my everyday life.

Barbara’s personal attention and vast knowledge of art have paid off  dramatically on my artistic abilities in just a few years. Because of her guidance, several years ago my original poster design won third place statewide in design-for-pieace contest. But even without that accomplishment, I cannot thank her enough for give me an opportunity to be one of her students!

You will never find a better more uplifting art teacher in the northern New Jersey area than Ms. Barbara Yeterian.



Art by Anna at 14

Art by Anna at 14